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Wednesday, July 28
  Turn vinyl LPs into CDs - CNET reviews
Turn vinyl LPs into CDs - CNET reviews

Tuesday, July 27
  I am Gonzo!
click to take the test yourself

a quick (ie 10 questions) test to find out what muppet personality you have. Try it out

Friday, July 23
  Family get together
the lyons family get together
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Thursday, July 22
  This to That
A useful site that tells you what to use to glue This to That. the only bad thing about it being that it uses American brand name stuff - so it won't be much use to those of you who live outside the states :-(

  bottle cap tripod
here's a how-to on making a tripod for a small camera out of a 20oz soda bottle - just remember to put some fluid in the bottle before you use it if you want it to stay upright!

Friday, July 16
  colour picker
if you write your own html or use style sheets this looks nice to me - it helps you pick out colours that go well together, giving you the rgb and hex values for them - pretty sweet
just grab the sliders an move them around until you get a combo you like.

Wednesday, July 14
  new pictures

Emma Hawksworth

click the pictures to see more.

Wednesday, July 7
  Lego Spiderman
take a look at this, its pretty well made and has some funny parts

Thursday, July 1
  Parallel Passage Gospel Study
I have been working on this for a while - but wanted to wait until I had more than 2 entries before I posted it. Please let me know what you think - and if it's of any use to you or not :-)

On a side note I can't get the style sheets to work right in Mozilla:.-( so I had to fudge it. It looks fine in IE but just wasn't working for me in firefox, if you have any insight check the source and let me know:-).

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