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Thursday, November 20
  Jamin's Birthday Party
here are the pictures from Jamin's party.

Tuesday, November 18
  Jamin's Birthday Party
Jamin had his birthday party on Saturday - we just went with a small family gathering at lunch so it was over by nap time. I took some photos - but they aren't up yet - I will let you all know when they are. He is walking pretty good now - he is now at the point where he will choose walking over crawling coz it is faster. But when he is tired or has just fallen over too many times he will give up & crawl. He is also starting to have mini tantrums so much for the terrible twos looks like he is trying to be ahead of the curve in another area of development ;-).
Yesterday he blew a whistle - which both he & his Mama were very proud of. Ethan has a couple of them as he uses them in his speech therapy, so Rachelle was messing around blowing it in Jamin's face, He then copied her by blowing too - so she stuck the whistle in his mouth he blew and produced a note first time - that put a look of surprise, followed by a big grin on his face!
His other trick is he gives himself a round of applause when he achieves something. but we haven't got him doing any signs yet, but that could be neglect on our part as we haven't been as good about signing to him when we are talking, as we were with Ethan.

Thursday, November 6
  New Jamin pictures
Here are some new pictures of Jamin. The first shows him with the dogs the second shows him doing his lion roar in the bath.


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